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Calera Local Lenders and Loan Places

Mutual Savings Credit Union
5100 Highway 31
Calera, AL 35040-5154
PH 2056681603

Coosa Pines Fed Credit Union
190 Chelsea Cors
Chelsea, AL 35043-7402

Coosa Pines Federal CU
17591 Plant Rd
Coosa Pines, AL 35044-0407

Alabama Power Employee CU
2030 7th St S
Clanton, AL 35045-8781

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Calera Money Saving Ideas:

Avoid Dining Out

When you work, it is common to feel hungry during lunch hours. To saving money doesn't mean to starve. Therefore, bring lunch form home. You shop for groceries every month, what is the use of groceries if you don't use them? Moreover, if you take a close look, you will see that every day buying lunch takes out so much money while bringing from home takes much less. Therefore, try to bring lunch from home and if you need to go out with friends, do not do it more than once a month.

Alabama Signature Loan Regulators

State of Alabama Banking Department
P.O. Box 4600
Montgomery, AL 36103-4600
Local (334) 242-3452
Toll Free (866) 465-2279

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