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Concord Local Lenders and Loan Places

Cal State 9 Credit Union
2300 Clayton Rd # 220
Concord, CA 94527-1768
PH 9253632700

Anheuser Busch Employees CU
2351 N Watney Way
Fairfield, CA 94533-6739

Patelco Credit Union
5166 Mowry Ave
Fremont, CA 94538-1046

Bay Cities C U
22777 Main St
Hayward, CA 94543-0030

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Concord Money Saving Ideas:

Use Cash Not Your Credit Card

For one simple reason, cash does not charge you interest when you use it. Cash can be used anywhere, and you will not feel bad after using it. The best way to save money is to let it stay safe in your bank account and use a minor amount until your salary is deposited to your bank account. You can also use the coins that you already keep in a separate container. After paying for groceries and other bills, there is no big payment left. So, use the saved coins for minor payments and always pay cash when you can.

Ways to Make Extra Cash:

Creating A Blog

Blog is one of the most efficient ways of expressing thoughts and skills. You can offer a lot of tips and guidelines for various stuffs which people are usually looking for. You just need to find out some of the popular topics which the readers online are mostly searching for. And then when you have a certain amount of viewers, you can host ads over your blog. And by that, you are even going to make money when you are doing absolutely nothing at all.

California Signature Loan Regulators

California Department of Business Oversight
1515 K Street, Suite 200
Local (916) 445-7205
Toll Free (866) 275-2677

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