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Be sure you get legit online loans. We are work with the Online Loan Network and only work with the most trusted online lenders in the industry. All lenders in our network abide by the guidelines of the Online Lenders Alliance. We have a large network of direct lenders that are safe and secure. We leverage our vast network to try and get you approved.

How Do I Know If an Online Loan is Legit?

There are few key points that you will want to look for when vetting online lenders. Let's look a few:

A Secure Website – Before you begin any online application be sure the website is secure. You can check this by looking for the “padlock” symbol in the URL bar. If it is there then the site is secure.

Contact Information – Every legit lender has contact information available that is easy to find. This should include a business address, phone number, and email address. Try the phone number before you start the application.

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Reviews – Do a quick search and check the reviews for any website you are considering. Any website offering a legit online loan will have some reviews. If they have no reviews or negative reviews then find a different lender.

No Money Upfront – A legit online lender will never require you to pay money upfront before receiving your money. You should see red flags if any finance company ever request you send them money before receiving your funds.

Clearly Defined Fees – Any finance company operating online that is a legit business will have their fees and interest rate clearly defined. If you can't find their fee schedule then look for a different lender.

What is a Legit Online Loan?

A legit online loan is short term financing that is offered to your legally. Every state has different laws and statutes regulating short term credit. In order to be “legit” the online lender must abide by all these laws. It states where it is required, the lender should be fully licensed with the Department of Finance. Any regulation governing the annual percentage rate and loan terms should be followed.

Lenders Should Review Your Ability to Repay The Funds

Direct lenders need to make a reasonable decision regarding short term credit that allows you the ability to repay the funds. If you make $600 each month, no online lender should loan you $50,000 based on your signature that is due in 12 payments. This is an extreme example, but any legit lender will take into account your ability to make payments on time based on your income level.

Legit Loans Online Will Have Clear Terms and Conditions

Take the time to review the Terms and Conditions of any loan agreement offered to you. It is not the most exciting literature but it does require your attention. Make sure there are no surprises in the fine print. Any company offering online loans will not have any surprises.

Do They Have A Privacy Policy? What Does it Cover?

Review the privacy policy before submitting any of your personal information. Some lenders may use your personal information for more than just evaluating you as a credit applicant. It is up to you to decide how you want your information used.

What is Required to Get a Loan Online?

There are a few industry standards that you will need to have in order to receive financing or at least a loan offer.

Residential Address – Lenders need to know where you live. Your state of residence can have a dramatic effect on your ability to obtain financing.

Checking Account – You need an open checking account so the online lender has a way to transfer the money into your possession.

Must be 18 Years Old – No legit lender will ever offer a loan to anyone under the age of 18.

Steady Income – Finance companies need to know that you can repay the borrowed funds. It is one of the most important aspects of the loan application.

Report Online Scams

If you ever feel you have been taken advantage of or see lenders that are not following the regulations set forth by your state, you should report them to Consumer Affairs. You can also contact the department in your state that handles consumer complaints. This is how the internet is policed and how you can help the next person to avoid predatory lenders and online scams.

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There are many Legit Loan Options Online

The internet is not the Wild West that it used to be. Many of the shady characters and lending sites have gone the way of the dinosaur. That does not mean they do not still exist. Use your best judgment and never sign anything you are not completely comfortable with.

What to Know About Online Loans

The need for loans has been increased by consumers with the rise of the internet. However, there are many scammers who are ready to take advantage of such people. Today, there are many fraudulent operators who may appear legitimate at first, but it is because they intentionally need to look convincing.

For example, they present slick ads with contacts and websites with fake testimonials from satisfied customers. Many consumers have been found the victim and got ripped off for payments. Be sure your lender and website are legit before inputting any information. It is still not easy to tell the legit and scammer apart at first glance hence the need for some tips to help you stay safe.

How to Determine if an Online Lender is Legit

Emergencies are inevitable and you may need money faster than you can wait. If the amount exceeds your savings, the quickest way would be to take a quick loan. Luckily, legit online loan providers are easily accessible. The downside is that scammers target desperate loan seekers too. While some lenders are legit and ready to give you a loan, others are out to take advantage of seekers and give the highest rates and fees.

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There are two main risks involved when facing a scammer online; losing money and paying too much back. Fake online lenders are likely to quickly set up shop, make convincing impressions and charge fees prior to loan approval. You will not be getting the loan hence the loss. Others will give you a loan and then, but charge the highest fees, which are unreasonable. You, therefore, need to check the aspects of a website before going on with the borrowing. 

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Picking the Right Lenders

Prevent the risk of losing by using precautionary steps even at the most desperate of moments. Conduct your research and read review websites for any known negative cases. Although not everything on the internet is true, you could be exposed to the facts about real situations of con artists.

Choose one who is known for trust issues. This means you need trustworthy sources for referrals hence the need to ask from familiar people. Use your friends and family to be safe before proceeding to engage with huge amounts of money and your future at stake. Financial advisers also offer vital information, which is helpful. They are better placed to offer information about new deals, up and coming companies, risky companies, which are struggling and the cheapest or fastest lenders.

Before submitting an application, check out the U.S Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for any related cases. This organization has a database of complaints about financial products. The complaints are reviewed thoroughly and posted in a fortnight.

Unreliable Lenders

Some of the red signs of a scammer include an email out of the blue offering you a loan. This should not be a reliable source of information and you must treat it suspiciously. Many spammers use this method to fish out unsuspecting users online.

You may never really know who you are dealing with in such cases. It is simply an updated version of the traditional mail, which arrives at your house from a source you never contacted. Unsolicited phone calls are another simple method used to con many people. The numbers are often blocked and notorious too. Even if the call has your country code, the caller could be halfway across the planet using all means necessary (such as VOIP) to randomly contact you.

Note that people can a number, which looks local. If it is a new company not known to anyone in your circles, you should even bother finding out. It is likely to be a scammer no matter how convincing they seem. It is not worth a try; so avoid it altogether.
Here are some a few tactics to help you assess the legitimate lenders:

Check with the Better Business Bureau

The BBB website has a database for legitimate lenders. You can choose your location and check the companies. There is extra information offered such as the type of business and contact details. You may narrow the search by including the location address to find out whether they are a real company available on the map. Most of the loan companies are registered at BBB so one that is not should be an easy red flag.

Check Payment Requirements

Inquire about advance payment options. An affirmative response should be a red flag to you. Most legitimate loan firms disclose all the fees up front for deductions. You can be sure about the exact payable instantly and not any payments required in advance. Illegitimate sources claim that these early payments will guarantee you another loan.

Professional Reviews

Take precautionary steps such as getting the opinion of a lawyer. Simply take the loan agreement to the lawyer for professional review. If it is bogus, the lawyers should know because he is trained to detect scams you might miss. Do not be rushed into signing anything.

When pressured, you should be suspicious because there is a feeling of insecurity or hiding something from you. Legitimate lenders do not object to reviews by legal counsels and will encourage you to do it.


It is easy to get scammed online especially when desperate for an online loan. When in an emergency and not thinking straight, try to pause and consider the different aspects that make a lender legitimate. The information will help you make an informed decision you will never regret. Rushing for loans without enough amount of verification procedure puts you at risk of losing money in the effort to get hence the need for care.